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Monarch 10ee Back Gear issue


Aug 10, 2019
Hello all,
I searched and no other related topics seem to match the issue I'm having. The back gear on my Monarch 10ee would not engage. I have torn it apart and think I know how it works, but I want to be sure . When engaging the back gear the shifting forks move bottom dogs to the rear while simultaneously moving the small upper gear forward. The small upper gear meshes with the gear on the front case and all is well. Sound right?
The perplexing thing is that the lower dogs do no want to freely slide forward and back on the main drive shaft. It is a really tight fit and it almost seems like this dog was never meant to move around on the shaft.
What could be causing this binding? And any recommendations for fixing it? I tried attaching photos, but I guess the files are too large. I'll try to fix that
Any and all thoughts are appreciated.