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Monarch 10ee For sale


May 11, 2005
New York
It's a difficult decision but I've decided to part with my Monarch 10EE to make room in my shop for another machine. This 10EE was rebuilt in the early 2000's by Gallery of Machines in Marathon NY. I purchased this lathe from the estate of a local prototype machine shop whose owner I had known for 40 years. He sent this machine for a full rebuild, bed grind and electronic upgrade for his head machinist. The head machinist retired prior to the lathes return to the shop 2 years later hence the lathe saw very little use from about 2004 to the present. I believe the rebuild cost was in the $25,000 range.
The lathe comes with over 90 ( mostly new 2J Hardinge collets), a 4 jaw, 3 jaw, faceplate, Accurate DRO, taper attachment, Jacobs rubber flex chuck and collets, follow and steady rests, Aloris tool post with over 20 holders, turret tool post, Jacobs and Albrecht tailstock chucks and various other tooling as shown. Needless to say, a well outfitted machine. I am asking $12,000 for the machine which I feel is a fair deal based on condition and tooling. Feel free to reach out with any questions. I can provide additional pictures upon request. Machine is under power and can be test driven.


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