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Monarch 10EE Round Dial - NJ - Free


Jan 22, 2005
Frederick Md
I talked to Alan, an owner of a round dial 10EE. It is listed on Craigslist in NJ. He said it is free but you have to take it out yourself. It's listed in Lakewood, near Jersey Shore.
Here is the listing. Is it just in incredibly poor condition? Why would someone list something worth thousands for free? And if it was legit why wasn’t it instantly snapped up? The ad has been up for 25 days.
Lack of photos may be part of it. It may be an estate thing where they just want to clear out the property. I have a realtor friend that does that sort of thing from time to time where someone just walks away from a commercial building and leaves everything behind. If he can get it hauled away free, he doesn't have to pay someone to take it away.

Rich, do you know what the story is?
I called the guy and it's legit. He is moving out in a couple of months and needs the stuff gone. I asked about attachments and things, but didn't get a reply. I know he has a day job. He said it's in the back corner and it will take an effort to dig out. He hasn't run in it 10+ years. I considered it but there's enough differences to my square dial that it's not of huge interest to me, for all the work to get it out.

One issue he mentioned was that the last time he ran it, there was speed fluctuations so he kind of gave up on it. DC motor drama of the usual sort, I suspect.
I posted a link to this and the CL add over in the Heavy Iron forum:
Someone might want to do the same in for Bridgeport and Southbend.
I need to thank the OP for posting and alerting forum members about this ad as I just picked up almost all the free equipment from the aforementioned Craigslist ad. My brother in law, nephew and I just made the nearly 6 hour trip one way with a 1 ton diesel dually pickup and a 24 ft flat bed trailer to rescue the equipment. I got the Monarch 10ee, he took the SB and the Bridgeport and my nephew wanted the Rockford mill. None of us were interested in the Brown & Sharp turret drill, and it would have put us overweight on the trailer capacity anyway.

The Monarch is a 1943 round dial MG unit in exceptional shape. I'll post some pics after I clean it up from the trip. We had to transport on an open trailer and we encountered rain and some snow on the return trip so it's quite dirty. From the quick initial inspection before loading, the MG and main motor look to be in great shape. It does not have a taper attachment or a steady rest (I was hoping). But it does have a pristine head stock cover, which I have been needing for a few years since my other 10ee (a 1942) was missing it when I got it.

Here is what the equipment looked like packed in the garage we had to pull it out of,


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Pretty amazing free stuff like this lasts for over a month...................here,there would be riot outside the guys place with scavengers fighting over it a half hour after the add went online.
Unloaded the 10EE today and took a few pics. Not included in the pics are all the original covers, including the coveted top head stock cover! I think I will use it to make a mold and create a fiberglass one for my other 10EE that is missing the cover.

Cal - I included the serial number tag for your collection. :)