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Monarch 12CK in UK for sale


Feb 3, 2018
Hi all.
I bought a Monarch 12CK a few months back as it was rough and damaged and no-one was buying it.
I did not want to see it going in the skip!
I've now repaired the damage (took the feedbox apart, cast iron welded the casting, brazed the levers, made replacement handles that were missing, cleaned, painted everything, reassembled; straightened the clutch lever shaft, repaired the clutch lever).
I documented this job if anyone wants details
The lathe is now working again (or very close to: a few minor jobs still to do)
The headstock runs very quietly at all speeds, all gears select and run well.
The clutch and brake both work, although the clutch is a little sticky due to lack of use. I might rebuild, but I suspect it will just wear in again.
Leadscrew reverse and auto knockouts work well and smoothly, all the feeds select and both crossfeed and longitudinal feed work.
The tailstock is 3MT and a 2 1/8 quill. I think it will need shimming slightly to bring it back to centre height. The knob on the handle is currently a bolt!
The bed is good, the cross slide is OK, but with a fair amount of backlash in the feednut.
All the handles etc are good and the lathe has no damage. Much of the chrome needs re-doing.
The halfnuts and leadscrew are all good with no backlash to speak of. It's an imperial machine.
The taper turner is present, but it has a homemade anchor bracket and it needs a very good clean and new bearings.
There are no steadies, but a decent 3Jaw. I can supply a 12" 4 jaw in good order too.
Currently one camlock cam is missing, but I'm intending to contact Monarch for a price on one. If super expensive I'll make it. The spindle is good. The bearings seems smooth with no play.
It's a 16 - 660 rpm machine made in January 1942 and 30" centres.
It needs stripping and painting and its brightwork cleaning and polishing as it's very scruffy, but it's now a fundamentally sound lathe.
In the UK these machines are very rare indeed.
It's about 1.5 tons and I can load onto a trailer.
If anyone is interested, let me know before it goes on Facebook or ebay!
I'd like it to go to a good home, ideally for restoration.
I'm not keeping it as I've got 13 lathes currently!!
It's in Northamptonshire.