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Monarch AA feed rod


Apr 10, 2008
Western Kansas
This is my first Monarch. I just got it out of a storage building where it sat for a decade and have it outside cleaning it up before bringing it in. White the normal data plate is not to be found, there is a stamping of AA3682 on the side and the top end has the same number plus an inspector's stamp. The fellow I got it from had issues with it popping out of gear on the apron and told me it had a stripped gear. I pulled the apron off and don't see anything wrong with the gears (other than the thread counter is worn out) but it had fallen at some point and various things are brazed together and I think the throw of the bevel gears on the bottom is probably the issue as they don't engage all the way and jump. Other than cleaning up some real ugly patching on handles, my main issue is the feed rod. it is both worn down in size and for 10 inches the slot is almost twice as wide. I thought about reversing it but with the diameter so small I am thinking I should just buy a new cold rolled and mill a slot? I have not got it disassembled to see what the part that engages the slot looks like, I am assuming it is a key stock like thing such as the Southbends use? It was so filthy I had to pressure wash it and now have it suspended over a barrel spraying with diesel trying to get it all cleaned up before I take anything else apart. While it sure has some issues with the fall and repairs, the ways are super nice. I sometimes turn heavier stuff and while I like my Southbends, this is just a little more heavy duty. The lead screw doesn't seem to have the wear the feed rod does so I think it will be fine but if someone wants to give their two cents about replacing the feed rod I would appreciate it. Thanks PS: It looks bad in the picture as the bed was covered in grease before storage so that dirt not rust.


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