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Monarch Forum Rules

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Cal Haines

Sep 19, 2002
Tucson, AZ
Monarch Forum Rules


This forum is for discussing Monarch lathes and other tool-room lathes, as well as upgrades, rebuilds, and tooling for these lathes. Posts should be Clear, Concise, Calm, and Courteous. Don’t post anything that you wouldn’t send to an ill-tempered boss.

Rule #1 - Stay On Topic

See Note [1]

Rule #2 - Don't be a Thread Hog

A Thread Hog someone who takes over a thread and dominates the discussion.

Rule #3 - Quoting

Use of the forum’s quoting feature is encouraged, but do not change the person’s text.
See Note [2]


Please use the forum’s native picture hosting facility. Note that some devices, including iPhones, save their images with a suffix of “.JPEG”. Please change the suffix to “.JPG” before uploading. If you don’t, the posted images will be very small and hard to see. (This is an issue with the forum that I’m trying to resolve.)

Note [1]:

Off-topic posts will be moved to a new thread or deleted. A classic example is drive conversions: if the thread starter isn’t asking about a drive conversion, don’t bring it up. When a discussion drifts into an area that’s well away from the original topic, I’ll move it to a new thread.

This isn’t Facebook; please post your personal quips and anecdotes elsewhere.

Posts must be Clear and Concise. If I’m five or six paragraphs into your post and still have no idea what you’re trying to say, I’ll probably delete the body of the post and leave a note for you to try again. (You can go back and edit your text within 24 hours of initially posting it.) If I can salvage some of the post without too much effort, I will. If the post is rude, offensive or wildly off topic, I’ll just delete it.​

Note [2]:

You may delete portions of a quoted post if it doesn't change the overall meaning, but you should insert an ellipsis (…) to indicate a deletion. You may change some of the quoted text to bold to call attention to something, provided that you indicate that you have done so; this is typically done by adding the phrase “emphasis added” after the quote. No other changes may be made to the quoted text. Posts that violate this rule will be deleted.​

Not open for further replies.