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More estate items-central Illinois


Mar 7, 2020
Some other machines from my father’s estate were taken to Micenheimer auction service, Taylorville Il. Online only. But doesn’t begin until Mar 4, so the items are still being listed, and not on website yet. Auction ends Mar 21.
Hammond 10” belt sander, Armstrong power hacksaw, Peterson head surfacer, Tool and cutter grinder, Kwikway valve grinder, Large pipe threader, and some shop supplies. Machines are outside, but tarped from the elements. Day 1 on auction, ending Mar 20. Lots 433, 441, 445, 446, 450. Plus other items such as 100 ton press, shelves, tooling.
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I did my best to rust proof, and tarp them. The ones listed here that are outside, are low dollar machines, that a shop like ours would buy, something inexpensive that you would only use very seldom. We’re talking what? $200 to 600 dollars machines here.
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A tarp can keep the rain off for sure, but it can also trap condensation under it so the machine never dries out. This will be dependent on temperature swings etc so may or may not be a problem.
These are lots 433, 441, 445, 446, and 450 of the day 1 auction, ending Mar 20.