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Morgan G-100TE Injection Molding Press


Hot Rolled
Nov 28, 2016
We're selling our Morgan press. It got us started into injection molding, but we bought an industrial size machine and no longer need this one. Works good, even though these are manual "desktop" machines they have a lot more hoss to them then the other machines in the same size range.

  • 6 cu. in. (4 oz.) max. single shot
  • 20-ton max. clamping force (toggle).
  • 12,000 psi max. injection pressure
  • 0-800°F (0-430°C) temperature control range
  • Mold plan area: 8″ x 11″ (maximum)
  • Utilities required: Electrical 120 volts AC or 240 volts; Compressed air to 160 psi (max.) 1 CFM (max.)
We can crate for shipping, or you can pick up in Eastern North Carolina. If you pick it up we have a sturdy table that we built at a convenient height that can go with it.

$8,000 OBO.
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