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Mori Jr, 16X23, Fanuc OM-C, excellent condition, great machine, $12,000 OBO


Cast Iron
Sep 4, 2009
Mooresville, NC




This is a 1991 Mori Seiki Mori Junior with 16X23 travels, CAT-40 8000 RPM, 20 tool side mount ATC tool changer (in excellent condition)

I know that I shy away from old green Mori's because they're from the 80's and they have those old 10M and OM-A OM-B controllers that don't keep up by modern standards but this one has the same Fanuc OM-C motion controller they used on a lot of the white machines throughout the 90's, it just happens to be green.

It has a box way in Z and linear ways in X and Y.

The backlash comp values (535, 536, 537) are 1 for X, 1 for Y and 5 for Z. Those are very low comp values and I expect they must be the original factory settings. Of course those values could be set to anything, so I made a video demonstrating it. I believe it has about 6,000 hours on it

The video: mori seiki jr - YouTube

The tool changer arm is nice and tight with very little play. The tool grips on the end of the tool changer arm look perfect. The table is aged and has normal wear and tear but shows no sign of crashes or dropped tools. We've run it for a while in our process and it's perfect. The ways and ball screws sound good, the spindle sounds like new and it does not malfunction. The spindle taper is ceramic and is in like new condition.

We're not getting rid of it because it's a bad machine. A new mill shows up in two week and we need to open up some space. There are three of these on the bay now for 8-18K and they're all the old M10 controls so I think 12K is a fair price but I'll take the first good offer we get.

No tool holders or vise is included in this sale. I can load on your truck at no cost.