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Mori MV-40B i80 Control


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Could use a hand from the machining Gods.

Bought my very first CNC. Everything went well with the installation. So excited to get started and everything, saved every penny I could. Powered on the control only to find out both batteries are dead. How would one go about getting the parameters again? Does DMG Mori keep track of records like that or maybe Yaskawa?

I'll even pay if someone has the same machine for their parameters.

Any help will be appreciated!!


Mori would be best but not sure if they would have parameters. I have never had any dealings with them. I have Yasakawa manuals but it would take a long time to go through each parameter unless you know how to set it up.

If your lucky someone may have parameters saved from a similar machine.


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With all DMG Mori machine there is a manual with all the parameters + 2 sets of electrical drawing in it. This is part of the documents delivered with the machines.



Buying a machine without the manuals and parameters is where your troubles started. Should have walked away. Regardless... your best bet is to track down who you bought it from and beg them to tell you everything they know about who, what and where the manuals and a parameter backup/list might be.


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I would check with Mori. The last time I had a Mori tech out. He downloaded all the parameters and kept them in his records.