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Mori MV80 with 11M - sv013 errors


Oct 13, 2018
Our Mori MV80 has begun throwing SV013 errors on startup for the x,y and z. The first time it did this was when I had started it up and was homing it out. x and y honed fine, but when z went home it threw all three errors and I cannot get it to drop them. I have restarted the machine several times. Couple things of importance/interest:

1. The x,y and z drives all show the "vcc rdy" light on, which seems to be in conflict with the sv013 error on the screen.
2. I can use the emergency button on the side of the panel to override the errors and move all three without issue. I originally thought that it had limited out, but if that was the only reason the errors should have gone away once I jogged the table away from those positions. It doesn't.

Any help you guys can give I would be greatly appreciative. I'm kind of confused at this point.