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Mori NL lathe not indexing


Apr 20, 2021
One of our mori NL1500SY lathes has developed a perplexing issue.

It has started throwing the alarm "P62 F-CMD NOTHING 0 0" and "T02 FEED HOLD 0204" when programming a tool change. It will even alarm out when it doesn't have to index to complete the change. i.e. tool 8 is active and you type T0808 in MDI.

To clear the alarm, you have to index the turret from the control panel in jog mode.

If you run a program from the very beginning, it seems to behave (index) but if you try to start from within a program somewhere, it will fail to do the next index and throw those alarms. Given that it works sometimes, I'm starting to suspect a board issue but really have no idea where to start. Anyone else go through something similar or have a suggestion?