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Mori seiki MT1500 spindle switching error


Sep 13, 2022
I’m needing help figuring out a spindle switching error on my MT1500.

Everything was running well and after shutting the machine down, at start up I’m getting error 9015 spindle 2 switch control alarm. I spoke with the Mori tech and I replaced the two switching contactors and also one of the Fanuc I/O cards that control the switching.

I’m also getting error 15 on my spindle drive. I’ve read the corrective action for the alarm is to replace the two contacts and check connections but it also states to correct the switching order in the ladder and I’m not sure exactly how to go about that.

When I apply power to the machine contactor 1 is energized and after powering up the control contactor 2 energizes and contactor 1 is off so I know it is physically switching.

Both myself and the Mori tech are at a loss as far as where to go next and of course the machine that is down is the one with the majority of the work 🙄 so any help would be greatly appreciated


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