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Mori Seiki MV Junior ATC air issue


May 30, 2022
Both sides of the spindle locating detent piston cavities for the ATC were jammed with what looked like mud. We cleaned it out, worked fine. Come to find out the air/intake manifold cup was feeding water accumulating on the bottom, to the machine. We never knew it, because all we could see was the oil. Sounds like you had the same issue and been there done that. Were you able to locate an air parts book and/or air schematic for the machine? We do have a parts catalog from Mori, it covers only “hard parts”. There may certainly be other “muddy problems” other places. I’d just as soon replace the solenoid assemblies if they’re a normal item and not hen’s teeth. As a fellow member of the MV Junior family, I look forward to any experiences and support, Thank you.