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Mori Seiki SL-15MC w/Fanuc 10T ERS Question


Apr 20, 2024
Hi All

I'm very new to CNC lathes. I've been working with mills for a while with Centroid controllers. Way different world from the fanuc I'm learning the hard way. I recently purchased this SL-15MC lathe. I know it works I watched it work at the place I purchased it from. Now it's arrived at my place and I can not get it to work. Powers up, Chuck open's and closes, spinldle lock works., tail stock goes in and out but I can not turn the spindle on or get the turret to move. On the screen it's stuck in RSET mode. I figured out how to get into the parameters and found parameter 1010 that has the ERS set to 1. So somewhere I believe I have a external reset issue. Can anyone tell me where to start to diagnose this? I've google numbers of things and am starting to think the parameters got wiped out in transport but not sure how to check that either.

An Help is greatly appreciated.
Did you home the machine after powering it on? There should be home indicator lights on the op panel for x and Z when the slides are at the home position. Simple but......
Hi Dan Sorry took so long to respond The site decided I was a hacker and locked me out. Just got it straightened out.I found a issue with a K06 setting. Apparently at some time someone did maintenance on the machine and altered this setting I guess. I set it to what the paper said and the machine came to life. Now it appears I can only home X. I'm getting OT032 error on the Z axis. So this is my new question. How do I reset Z home.
Reset home will be your 1815.4 parameter. If your machine still has the little arrows, line them up with eachother make that 1815 parameter a 1 cycle power and home should be set.