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Mori Seiki SL-3B wiring help


Feb 28, 2021
I recently purchased a 1978 Mori Seiki SL-3B that was control dead. I am in the process of installing new components for a retrofit using a DSPMC and a PLC but really could use some electrical drawings for the basic machine itself. I would like to keep some of the original wiring intact so I do not wish to totally strip it. I have been searching on numerous forums and google trying to find electrical drawings for the relay or spindle drive cabinet and then the cables that pass into the NC cabinet that then used to plug into the control cards.

The Machine had what i think is called a 5T system, no CRT, just LED panel. Drives are FANUC/ Gettys DC style. Spindle is also FANUC DC.

I am reusing the DC Servo motors, spindle drive & Motor. Hope fully most of the relays for the turret, chuck, hydraulics, gear change etccc.

My machine came with no manuals so it's been a challenge ringing out wires one by one so far.
I searched all 25 pages of this forum for DMG and did not see any past request that I possibly could maybe gotten some info. I apologize if this is in the wrong group. I have numbers off all the cabinets if that helps identify/ match something up.
Thanks in advance,


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