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Most adequate tool for creating chamfers?


Jan 13, 2016
Hi, I've seen in my local shop that they use a countersink to do the chamfering on the pieces they machine, it does the job but I don't really think it's the best tool to use since it's no intended for that.

I guess there are a lot of tools to use but which is the most adequate for cnc chamfering?:nutter:

for chamferring in manual lathes many times a file is quite adequate.... so you need to show what you are chamferring ( does it have a tolerance?)
Sounds to me like you're saying they're using a countersink instead of a chamfer mill? If so... Chamfer mill!
Chamfering or deburring?

Chamfer: a defined, dimensional, inspectable bevel
Deburr: removing the sharp edge by any means adequate & necessary

Chamfer's can be done with many tools but a great deal of care must be taken to get a chamfer in-spec with some tools. If you can using a chamferring specific tool is best.

Deburring: use whatever is convenient and easy. A lot of times that is a single flute counter-sink for holes; just a quick trigger tap in a cordless drill does a sufficient job. Outside files and deburring tools are pretty easy.
If you are talking about putting a chamfer on a drilled hole, then it is hard to find a better tool than an O-Flute countersink. On a hole a chamfer and a countersink are the same thing, just one is deeper than the other.

But if you are talking about a straight edge or something else other than a hole, then I would suggest a 45 degree end mill. If you are talking about an edge that is not formed by two surfaces that are 90 degrees from each other, then you need to adjust the angle of that 45 degree tool.
Is it really that hard to figure out how to chamfer? :rolleyes5:

Make sure to ask the dumbest questions you can think of on here at all times.
Can anyone tell me a good to mill with?

If you want a really high speed mill, get a John Welden.
Figure out how to get a good clamp on the end mill, then just ask the Welden a question that it will think is home, hobby, basic, or stupid. You will promptly get the entire unit spinning about 10K rpm's. If you need more speed just ask it another even more basic question.

There is no instruction manual because it presumes you already know everything.