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Motor duty 6-50 socket?


Mar 5, 2009
California, USA

BT Fabrication

Nov 3, 2019
Ontario Canada
Yes but he would need two, one for the welder and one for the rpc.

I don't think the code would allow him to run two non- fused 60 amp switches just from a junction box. Can any expert sparkies out there tell us for sure if this is allowable?
yes ideally is fused switches for both separately. id have one direct wired for the rpc from the breaker panel, then have another separate circuit for the welder
you can run multiple loads from one breaker. and any junction just needs to be accessible and can run to as many things as needed like wall plugs are 15 plug receptacles max


Jul 16, 2007
Chico, Ca
NEC article 430.108(F) requires with limited exceptions that cord & plug connected motors be horsepower rated, a 50A receptacle does not have much of a HP rating, cord & plug connecting larger motors will get expensive.


Hot Rolled
Dec 24, 2019
Don't know about the US, but there are interlocked versions of both CEEform (the blue/red round euro plugs) and AS/NZS 3123 (PDL 56) plugs. Can't be inserted/removed unless the switch is in the off position.


Oct 29, 2017
6-50 and 15-50 plugs are great. We use them all over the shop, even for ovens that draw full power for a good while. They have perfectly adequate clamping force on the contacts.
The usual problem you see is loose screw connections that hold the wires into the receptacle. These aren't really large enough to properly secure the wire so you have to torque them to within an inch of their life to get a solid connection.
6-50 and 15-50 plugs can handle the load the issue with motor loads is the disconnect rating. Welders are fine as are heating systems. The motor HP rating on all the blade type plugs seems to be 3HP I did have my 5 HP compressor plugged in with a 6-50 at my house with no ill effects but it was not "to code"

The idea of using a single circuit for the phase converter and welder would work with a single disconnect hard wired to the PC and a 6-50 for the welder.