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Nov 3, 2003
Phelps, NY, USA
DKMC stopped by my shop earlier this summer and suggested that I post some pictures. The shop isn’t as tidy as I would have liked, but is clean enough to see most of the equipment.

The shop is a 30x50 pole barn with 12’ ceilings and is divided into two rooms, one for wood and one for metal.

This is my retirement play shop that is also occasionally used by three of my sons. I have tried to equip it so that I can make a little bit of everything. Some of the machines need work before they will be ready for regular use, but enough is running now to let me do most of what I want.

For machining, I have L&S PowerTurn and Harrison 10AA lathes, Buffalo 1A RPMster and Baby Burgmaster drill presses, a Bridgeport Mill, Taft Peirce and KO Lee surface grinders, a KO Lee tool & Cutter Grinder and a Kalamazoo Horizontal Bandsaw. In fabrication, there are Lincoln CC CV and TIG/Stick welders, Oxy-Acetylene torch and a hydraulic Hossfeld bender, in sheet metal there is a PEXTO hydraulic shear, DiAcro notcher, Chicago 48” mechanical brake, 4’ wide 14ga. power roller and a Weidemann R4 rotary punch.


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The wood side is similarly equipped to let me do a little of everything.

The current projects are mainly for a house I’m renovating - T&G ceilings in two rooms, wood paneling and other wood wall coverings, built-ins, cabinets a stairway and the interior millwork.

Equipment includes a Unisaw, Delta Shaper, J-Line Lathe, Delta Belt and Oscillating spindle sanders, a small chain mortiser, 8” Jointer, Walker Turner radial drill press, Powermatic 20” Planer, Delta 7 1/2hp Dust Collector, Delta 20” Bandsaw, Champion 7 1/2hp compressor with refrigerated dryer and lots of hand tools and an Ulmia bench from my father’s shop.


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Very nice shop! Thanks for sharing pics!

Other than the gantry, what other lifting equipment are you using?
Very nice shop! Thanks for sharing pics!

Other than the gantry, what other lifting equipment are you using?
I have a pallet Jack, hydraulic lift cart, Genie Lift, engine crane, toe jacks and other hydraulic jacks, and for outside and scooting items in the door, a forklift, loader tractor and backhoe. Currently the forklift and backhoe are awaiting repair, but when running, they have been very handy.
I picked up a real early Unisaw for $ 100.00 a few years back , a couple months later I bought a Bisemeyer fence for $ 25.00 that the guys wife backed into & bent the rectangle tube that was bolted to his saw . For years I built everything with a 50 year old Craftsman table saw that was used up when I bought it . I built the kitchen cabinets for my new house with the new saw & fence . The whole time I was building them I was thinking " where have you been all these years " .