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my macro program for pcd's , for drilling and or tapping, reaming, countersinking


Jun 16, 2022
wanted to share this code i made
i use it often, let me know if there are improvements or mods i could use
currently its for pcds and singlular or specific coordinate holes or a combination of all.
written on a haas vf6 next gen control
lots of options to turn on or off that suit what i need
if wanting rapid drilling instead of peck just specify a depth deeper than hole bottom.
if only doing 1 hole specify 0. PCD and number of hole=1
this code centers drills, drills, taps or reams, counter sinks
has options for coolant type
specific hole positions go into (extra hole positions block)
currenty it starts at center drilling but can change the start block to 2 to enable probing(you will have to change that to what you want at the time)

Note the tap feed does not correlate to the speed if you half the tap speed you need to half the feed aswell

i have other programs for circular pockets with or without multiple depths
milling flats on any diameter
id and od contours

i mostly use fusion 360 and have these macro programs for the simple jobs


UPDATE: added wcs call after probe , was getting error because need to recall wcs after the probe updates it.


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