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My "new" Deckel GK12 pantograph


Feb 27, 2001
Redwood City, CA USA
I just received a used Deckel GK12 3D pantograph that I bought from a used machinery dealer in the Midwest for $1230 + $400 shipping. It came bolted in the bottom of a giant milk crate, which seems like a good way to ship such a machine.

Unfortunately, the serial number does not match the one the dealer quoted and showed photos of. It is unfortunate because the machine I recieved is missing at least a couple of key parts needed to make it useable. I've asked the dealer to send the missing pieces, which I assume he can pirate off the machine he quoted and didn't send. That seems more sane than shipping the whole machine back to exchange for the quoted one.

I'm excited to play with this thing. Anyone know where I can get a manual and parts breakdown? Tony Griffith's site doesn't seem to have the GK12. Are there any of you listeners in the SF Bay Area with a GK12 that I could look at to see what other parts might be missing?


Cast Iron
May 4, 2003
Yorkshire UK
I have an original operating manual for a GK12/21, The manual has loads of sectional drawings of the machine assemblies. It is my intention to scan it at some stage. You are welcome to have a CD copy at cost when I do.