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My "new" machining calculator


Hot Rolled
Feb 9, 2009
More to the Op of this thread. Why did these things die?
Because the glitz of electronics, calulators and computers blinded most of the people who really did not understand how good tables & mechanical calculators were. It gives them a chance to blame something else for f-ups and opens the door for marketing to make them seem old fashioned and promote change. It's a fundamental characteristic of capitalism right there alongside promotion to the level of incompetence.


Jan 6, 2007
Were they called Nomographs, I seem to think so, I saw a book about them once, I browsed through it but it was too heavy going for me with all these log log scales and stuff,


Jun 6, 2019
DFW, Texas
Most kids haven't even found the app on their phone before I have the answer.

Don't worry with the way privacy is eroding, your phones always spying on you, along with AI, it won't belong before you'll pull the phone out and it'll have the app pre-opened.

"It sounded like you were trying to solve basic trigonometric problems, here are some answers."


Cast Iron
Jan 21, 2011
Troy mi
Are you that old? If so :bowdown:
Transition days. New fangled calculators not allowed in class and banned at test time but slide rules and the book were okay.
At one time I was a bit of wiz kid on a slide rule. Now I could not do shit on it. Lost skill.

More to the Op of this thread. Why did these things die?
I do not care if a manual machine or a 1 million dollar cnc. So useful.
Yes I’m that old. Hand held calculators did not exist. School had a main frame computer that we could use if we submitted the full Fortran programming for the computation. you won’t know about Friedan calculators. They could add, multiply, divide and tak square roots. Mechanical marvels that went chaching, chaching, chaching for about 30 seconds to do a square root. Like music. Still used the slide rule at work during the early 70s for most things.
if you forgot how to use a slide rule, it’s simple to remember. Just go back to 2x2 and 2/2. If you get 4 and 1 you’ve got it so keep going. I always had to do that “A learning disability I didn’t know I have”. Learning disabilities didn’t exist back then. You were slow or stupid.