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My thoughts on new Mazak EZ machines


Nov 12, 2010
north carolina usa
I know I have done this on a Fusion control mill because I needed to clear a birds nest during the program. But I forget what I did. That feature should still be there.
Go through ALL specs before the purchase because the EZ mills come standard with compressed air cooled spindles. As high as 22 cfm.
Another note. The EZ machines cannot read step files to aid in programming, only the Smooth G can do that. But any program written on a Smooth G can be run on an EZ mill. Prob lathe as well. Smooth machines have a windows interface, EZ does not. But both will draw a solid model as you program them.

Thanks guys. I asked about air consumption on the lathe. It is zero. There's not even an air hookup. It was one of my first questions after reading some threads about the mills. I looked at the machine and seemed good. The control was nice coming from the last Mazak lathe I've ran that was a T2. I've got Fusion controls in the shop now on the mills. Navigating the control was familiar looking.


Sep 18, 2006
Abingdon, VA
Then new QT-EZ lathes have a frame design that's similar to the popular QT15's of yesteryear.

Rather than the lower bottom right of the frame being recessed for a coolant tank/conveyor, the mehanite cast iron frame is solid all the way across the front, with the side conveyor entering though a large hole in the casting.

This design frame actually ties the spindle section in better with the overall frame, versus the typical "L" shape cnc lathe frame (as seen from above).


Metal Head

Cast Iron
Aug 3, 2006
Jacksonville, FL
The Haas P-cool isn't programmable per say like with an M code or G code. But it is pretty easy to use. Just adjust the nozzle to the position then enter the number in the column next to the tool your using, do that for each tool. I think it's pretty good, if you use a lot of different tool lengths where its hard to adjust the regular coolant nozzles to hit each tool in the right spot.

Just glancing through this thread and happened to catch this post. You can adjust P-Cool with M codes & Macro variables.

Haas Programmable Coolant (P-Cool) Tricks You Didn’t Know About – Haas Automation Tip of the Day - YouTube