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My week this week, my workshop videos.

Fordson E1A major, RebuildI The front cowl A challenge of complex curves and missing metal! I go through the process of replacing the missing metal, and slowly but surely, what was a piece of rusty metal which in a good light (but the less light the better really) aproximates what Ford put there in 1955!
Phil, late Autumn and a little chilly in East Yorkshire
Fordson E1A major, Rebuild. I repair and reassemble the bonnet, and get the first mudguard repaired, thanks to a lot of Cardboard aided design. It is begining to look like a tractor again.
Phil, in wet and windy, but not cold East Yorkshire
Fordson E1A major, Rebuild. We complete one mudguard, and get a lot done to the other, amazing how much stronger they are when you put the structure back to what Henry intended! Don't forget to like and subscribe! and thanks for watching!

Phil, in bright and sunny East Yorkshire

Fordson E1A major, Rebuild. we repair the box sections and patch the holes on the last mudguard, the end is in sight...just!! Another short week and another late posting because my computer went into rebellious mode at 3-30 and it took 2 hours to sort it out and get the video edited!
Phil Storm Arwen is blasting East Yorkshire!
Sorry Guys, no vid this week, I have had the twin after effects of the Covid booster, plus conjunctivitis, plus sinusitis all in one, loads of fun I can tell you, back next week with a fair wind and a bit of luck!!

Phil in freezing cold East Yorkshire!

Fordson E1A major, Rebuild. mudguards sealed and painted, bonnet fit vastly improved, bonnet brackets made, and final welding on the front cowl. I discover that the bonnet catches have been mixed up, and get ready to rebuild all the riveted parts back onto the bonnet, and all in three days!
Phil, on cold and frosty mornings in East Yorkshire
Fordson E1A major, Rebuild. Part 31, in which I finalise the bonnet fitting, fit all the bonnet hardware and catches, and make the bonnet stays, and discover that my tractor has three rear bonnet catch brackets, and only one front one! These little challenges are what life is all about!

Phil, frost has turned to mist in East Yorkshire

Have a good Christmas!!

Fordson E1A major, Rebuild PART 32 a NEW YEAR DAWNS AND i AM still ON THE TRACTOR! This week I am on with pedals, brake and clutch, and filler, filler and more filler Things go wrong, I make some saves, and the gopro fails to invert the image when some idiot holds the camera upside down. All probably because I hate winter
Phil, in Wintry cold but clear East Yorkshire.
Fordson E1A major, Rebuild. In which I get all the small parts painted ready to reassemble the pedals and footboards, a short week but good progress, if you have lots of small and medium sized parts to paint, best hang the lot up and do them all at once with a spraygun, makes a better job, covers all the awkward shapes and then LEAVE THEM TO DRY! you know you'll make a mess if they are not hardened off!!
Phil, its bloody cold in East Yorkshire!
Due to a wonderfully enjoyable tooth abcess that came out of the blue last Sunday I have not been to the workshop this week, Back next week,!
Phil, In wonderfully windy east Yorkshire
Enjoy the time off, of course while you recover you wont be allowed the food you like and probably no hot or alcoholic beverages so what is not to like about your mini vacation. Ha Ha look forward to seeing you next week.

One of the troublesome 2 teeth has already departed via an egg sandwich! The other is coming out Monday at the dentists, but feeling much better, and I think I finally shrugged off the covid jab hangover as well! Happy days!
I actually get some time on the tractor, fitted in between my busy other life! footpedals back on, connected up and adjusted, then removed again and refitted the right way round! Footplates on and get onto the mudguards and get them flatted and another layer of filler on! We are going forwards again!
Phil, in cold and windy East Yorkshire!
A little tractor content, but mainly converting the first 8ft fluorescent fitting to led! Another week of distractions, emergencies, and fraught with stress and problems, I will tell you all about it when it is all over.......
Phil, in Bright,windy and cold East Yorkshire
I make a start on the final peices of the Fordson jigsaw, get the bonnet and front cowl into red lead and grey primer, and start to deal with the massively oval holes on the tow hitch! Keeps me out of mischief!
Phil, Spring is almost here in East Yorkshire
Another short video detailing more of what I didn't get done than showing what I did! Sometimes we are swept forward by the tide of events, sometimes back! This week it was definitely back! I challenge you to watch and enjoy! Normal service will be resumed ASAP. At least it is officially SPRING!! That would be why the rain is Warmer in East Yorkshire!