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My yard find Bridgeport tear down and clean up with plenty of photos

Pictures issues finally sorted so thanks for your help on that, edited photos so they are square and that stay the same orientation as when I took them just like you said

Bad: I take a high resolution picture in tif format and upload it to PM. The website adjusts it to a very small size.

Good: I take the same high resolution picture but decrease the size by 25% and save it as jpeg. Then upload it.
Once the saddle and yoke was back on I fitted new 1 shot lube lines as the tubing is so cheap it would be mad not too, I also fitted 3 new meter units to replace blocked ones




I stripped backed the res to bare ally


I removed all the old paint from the ram badges, primed them and gave them a few coats of black enamel then used a DA sander to remove the paint from the raised lettering resulting in this finish




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Next up was lifting the table back on, no photos of this as it was done with some laser cut plates with tubes welded on for handles and bolted to either end so 2 people could comfortable lift it, made easier by the fact this is the baby 36” table



As mentioned before the table condition is ok with only 2 small drill marks,

Before I re fitted the leadscrew I cleaned it up and although I didn’t mic it, there’s no obvious signs or wear in it in the centre section



It was around this point that I started posting about the head noises and stripping it down time after time to eventually solve this issues with help from everyone

Thanks again

Tried the cleaned up vice on for size, as the nameplate on this is worn I’m not sure if it is a Kurt or a bridgeport model but either way it will do me perfectly

Looks outstanding MK. Top notch work as usual. Whoever gave you that mill will be kicking themselves if they get to see it now.

Thanks for the comments

As said at the start it was from somebody car scrap yard and had been cleared out of an old rented workshop after it was vacated, it sure is a different machine 4 months later

Thanks JR - I thought it was a Kurt so you confirmed it and it is genuine I believe

Il carry on with the pics from here,

Full strip down, clean, check, new switch all round and a recon erskine board





More work for the powerfeeds, X axis first





Each one stripped down, checked and rebuilt,
Y axis powerfeed, these are a little rarer I believe,

I need some help with how the spring style band works on this, there is a V groove around the crown wheel and a small nylon roller mounted in the lower part of the housing, someone mentioned this is a type of oil splash set up? Can someone clarify





I will take some pictures of the bit I need to clarify and post them later
Here is a few pics of the Y-axis powerfeed and the v grooved crown wheel and nylon roller I was talking about, the nylon roller is located in the base section of the powerfeed where the oil will sit so it’s definitely designed to pick up the oil on the spring band and splash it around although I don’t know how affective this will be to actually lubricate the gears with the steel spring band running behind the gears themselves

A few pics






The steel spring band has snapped and it’s needs to be re joined/welded back together but around the main gear as I’ve assembled it all back together so may tig it in place and see how it lasts, not the best design though

Have any of you had any dealings with these or come up with a better solution ? If it never had these originals I would have retro fitted some Align style powerfeeds but there’s a lot more work involved having these powerfeed leadscrews plus I prefer the whole original look of my original ones


Love looking at pics of your refurb. To my untrained eye, looks like a really sweet machine.

One thing I noticed. When you put in the new 1 shot oiler lines, make sure the table doesn't rub them. They sort of look like they might rub the bottom of the table (there isn't much clearance there). You probably already looked at this, but thought I'd mention it just in case.
I know you think this is special, but you are about 1,000 on the list of "I saved a BP".
I hate to sound cynical, but I can't recall the last time that I saw the finished product.

BTw, this post should be in the machine rebuilding section. We've seen it all before here.

Ready to recant that one :)
Ready to recant that one :)

Nope, Marc has done a wonderful job and the first one since Cyanidekid (sp) to finish a machine. Or at least I'm pretty sure he will. There have been 2 others that have brought thier "good shape" machines to the sight without any results. Marc has done a very good job and should be proud of his work. One of the very few that has done so.

Mark also isn't afraid of doing a lot of work or spending a few $ (in his case pounds or is it Euros?). I've also said many times before, that if you can't afford a decent machine or at leat fix one up, you need a different hobby. I know that I've got way more money tied up in ancillary stuff than what my mill cost new (I got a lot of shit).

Love looking at pics of your refurb. To my untrained eye, looks like a really sweet machine.

One thing I noticed. When you put in the new 1 shot oiler lines, make sure the table doesn't rub them. They sort of look like they might rub the bottom of the table (there isn't much clearance there). You probably already looked at this, but thought I'd mention it just in case.

Thank you mate

Yes the lube lines are close but they just about clear with the metal clamps holding them all tightly in place, I double checked as I didn’t want them wearing through

Thanks for the kind comments

Glad you are all enjoying the thread

JR - thanks for confirming the oiler spring, I had another look and I thought the spring I had was snapped but although a bit at the end was snapped there was a bit left and the spring diameter changes at one end and it screws into the opposite end like a helicoil, so I re fitted it and filled the powerfeed with oil and same with the x axis feed, I just used a 75/90 gear oil

I haven’t got the Y axis feed powered up yet as I am using 2 separate boards, 1 for each feed rather than the single board and changeover unit,

I have also dropped off the power feed rods and stops etc off to the players to be bright zinc plated so il post pictures once there back and fitted but for now here’s some pics of the oiler spring refitted




Another question I have is regarding something I see on all other Bridgeport’s with or without powerfeeds, it is a flat bar bolted to some round piecesand t bolts that go in the front T slot? I don’t have the bar on mine but donhave the bolts and round pieces but never known what they were for?

Marc, are you talking about those being mounted on the front of the saddle? I know that that is where the limit switch for a Servo is mounted, yet I believe those would also be the stops for a manual mill, if I am not mistaken... I am gonna go ask an old guy about it.

Ok so the old man (aka Barry) said that is a hard stop for manual machines... if we are talking about the same thing. I am gonna go get a picture of one on an older BP and see if its what you are talking about.

And every single mill we have in the graveyard has a Servo or Bridgeport power feed on it. Does it look like what is in the link?

129 - Table Stop Bracket

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