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Need advice on selling a lot of new end mills


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Dec 15, 2005
I closed and sold the major equipment from my mold shop in 2021. However, I still have most of the inventory from the end mill cabinet. This past week, I did an inventory and found 130 unused end mills that I would like to sell. Since most of our work was 3D, these are mostly ball and bull nose (CR) ranging in size from 1/32" to 1/2". 99% are uncoated carbide with only about 13 coated. There are a few HSS Cobalt.
With that said I need to know how best to sell these. Taking pictures of each EM would be crazy. I made a spreadsheet of the whole lot and could make a PDF file to post here. Would that work? Or should I break it up to smaller lots?
The last guy i remember selling a ton of new carbide endmills here, or maybe it was machinistboard put them in lots. Like 10 for $50 shipped.

If you want top dollar spend the next year selling them on eBay. If you want to move them sell them for auction prices here.
my (very) rough rule of thumb is new, $20 for 1/2", $10 for 3/8" and $5 under that. Used was typically 1/4 of that. The generally sold well - not being mobbed so they weren't under priced, but they didn't sit on the shelves for ever either.

If you're after more than that, you'll spend a lot longer getting rid of them. Ball and bull nose take longer as fewer general/ hobby machinists use them.
If they are a good brand find someone who sells cutters as a business and sell them to them in a job lot. HSS I'm not sure who would buy those.
Thanks guys for the input. I've attached a PDF file of the whole list. There is a list price total of $3763.02, and a asking price total of $1687 (44.8%). If someone would like the whole lot, I would consider $1200 (32%). List prices are from current websites like MSC and Garr, Harvey, ect. I've included the catalog (part) number for each item so you could look them up yourself. If you need more information on each end mill PM me. Thanks for looking, Wayne


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