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Need an opinion on the value of this German mill (Wabeco)


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Apr 11, 2005
Nomad, USA (Curr. IL)
I'm hoping the members here can help with an impartial opinion on the value of my mill. I do not want to sell it at this time, but instead want to rent it to my employer (I do precision service of very costly motion picture camera lenses).

The mill is a Wabeco F1200E. Build year is 1999. I have owned it since 2003. I added the Mitutoyo ADS-2 2-axis DRO (modified to fit the Wabeco mill) and a digital caliper based readout for the vertical (Z) axis (which works just fine). There is no significant wear or damage of any kind, nor any rust on my machine. The table is nearly perfect with only the most minor cosmetic marks.

I'm interested in knowing what my used mill including Mitutoyo DRO would be worth.

The same model is sold new by MDA Precision for $5980.- with an installed Fagor 3 axis DRO:

WABECO F1200E MILL - Manual Mills - Milling Machines

They sell the Fagor Innova DRO for $1790.- as a kit and $2100.- including installation on the customer's mill.

These Mills sell very rarely on eBay so a search of completed auctions comes up with nothing. I believe MSC sold the last one they had in stock several years ago for about $4500.- (minus any discount they may have applied).

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I've been a member of this forum for a while and usually post in the Schaublin Lathe section (I also own a 102N-80).

A photo of my machine is attached. The vise is a Bison CNC mill vise, and the mini rotary table is a Sherline 8700 CNC modified to accept Schaublin W12 collets. The six jaw chuck is a Maprox, mounted on a solid W12 shank. This is the setup I use for precision drilling/tapping of set screw holes on older Carl Zeiss lens focus scales. The set screws they use are M1.4 x 1.6 long!


P.S. These mills are sometimes called "Prazi", but the manufacturer is Wabeco and they don't use the name Prazi in the E.U. I think Prazi was something a US importer came up with. Mine does not have Prazi on it anywhere.

Also my machine has inch lead screws so it was always meant as a US market model. The 120/240 step-up autotransformer was originally mounted atop the mill head. That was just too heavy so I took it off, and it sits to the side (white box seen at left). Works better that way.


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