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Need doors covers and other items for my Heavy 9 9L UMD base


Jun 29, 2020
I've got a late 1938 Heavy 9 or 9L 159R floor model that came to me without doors or covers on the UMD base. Not sure if these are the same as a Heavy 10 doors or not. I would like to source all three of them, hopefully without one at a time $$$ shipping costs.

When I posted the serial number after I got it last year, Steve identified this as the 3rd oldest 9L 1" collet lathe on the list. I had no idea- this was another one of those SB newbie Heavy 10 bait & switch deals... no matter, I'm happy to have a unique lathe.

So I'm also looking for proper collet-related pieces or any other Heavy 9-specific pieces for it as well like a follow rest, taper attachment, etc. This lathe is being used some now with an eventual restoration likely as time & budget allows.

Email is the best way to reach me. Thanks.