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Need Help! Deckel Maho DMU60P 1999 ( E60 , Z63 , C53 error)


Feb 21, 2023
Good evening everyone!
I need help with my Deckel Maho DMU60P 1999 (MillPLus v410)

I have a few errors that I can't find an answer for, I'd be grateful if someone could give me a solution!

1. When I turn on the machine for the first time, I get an error E60 ( Ready signal axes low ), if I turn the machine off and on, it will activate and work properly.
But still, if someone came across, is there a solution to this problem?

2.This week I bored a long part in a horizontal plane, processed everything without a program (this was not necessary), and 2 times the machine knocked out an error Z63 (Drive temperature too high) and the Z axis fell 3mm down and went into an emergency stop, I broke 2 cutters (.
I can't figure out which way to look. Today I put a large fan in the electrical board so that it blows over the electrical board, but it still gave me an error.
Should I look for the problem in the electrical board, or is it somewhere else?

Also, during processing, it gave a C53 error ( drive not responding ) and an emergency stop occurred. But this error sometimes happens when the machine is turned on, just like X53 / Y53 / A53 it does not happen often, but still I would like to know the reason. Because after these errors the machine requires a reboot.

I would be grateful for any help!
No other posters here on this so I will submit some ideas. Disclaimer: these are not braised on any experience with your model machine.
I would be sure that the cooling fans for all three axis servo drives are running at full speed. Controls often monitor the current to cooling fans. Fans drawing over current from failing bearings or leakage across the windings can generate a fault.

There are also temp sensors , you need
the electronics /wiring prints to find ant test this.
Axis droop when shutting down could be an issue with the servo brake.
When power is on , all the axis are held in position by the “hunting” servo action of the servo motor.
On the”Z” when Powered off the slide can fall owing to the ball screw being driven by the weight of the slide. To counter this often the machine is fitted with a brake ( often in the servo) that is normally applied and released when the servo is powered.
Sounds like the brake on your “Z” servo or axis is not working as it should, allowing the slide to fall when powered off.
Cheers Ross
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Unfortunatelly this particular forum is about machines 8+ years older than your DMU.Please submit your answers in the DMG,Gildemeister PM forum page.There you will find many Millplus users who will propably help.In any case make also a detailed search for threads in the above mentioned forum for similar alarms.