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Need Help! Fanuc 15-TTA, Axis does not move!!!


Dec 6, 2021
Hi everyone!

I am new to a company, and we have a Axis Hollow Spindle Lathe with Fanuc 15-TTA Control.

Before this machine shut down about 2 years ago, it work well. The operator told me this April they saw a battery alarm and changed the battery , at that time there was an alarm SLC ERROR 84 , but does not remember this message come up before or after battery replacement.

And now that alarm does not show up anymore. Only “zero return required” showing up when the machine powers up.( in the manual, it said this message will show up upon power up)

I can select and push "JOG", "MDI" and "Home" button, but in each mode, I cannot select axis, X1 Z1 X2 Z2 buttons are still flashing, they do not go solid, so any axis does not move and no other alarms show up.



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