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Need help getting a 12-24 left-hand die. Confused on die nomenclature.


Jan 12, 2006
Brookfield, Wisconsin
Spud your PM is full. Shoot me another message when you clean it out.

Cleared up now. Thanks for the offer of assistance but for now I am gona pass on the Lefthand die as Adh2000 had kindly helped me with his equipment.

A huge thanks to Alan / Adh2000 . He spent a lot of time helping me . I couldn't find a way to grip the threaded rod so Alan used a collet on his HlVH to grip and turn it. Going back tomorrow after I get that pesky setscrew off.

Half the time I was there I was drooling over adh2000's shop ; he has the most attractive (floors, ceiling , general ambience) shop I've seen. If I had a place like that I would just live there.


Hot Rolled
Mar 8, 2016
I'm a big fan of those thread repair files. I picked up a set after using them at work and they're spectacular for un-buggering slightly damaged threads. They also work well on things you don't happen to have the appropriate die for.