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Need Help Identifying Spur Gears

Looking at the hammer tracks on the end of the pinion shaft and the SHCS in place of a set screw, I would say you have a lot of job security helping keep the machine operating.

You would not believe all the deficient items. Not one guard on any of the roller chains or v belts. I spent the first six months measuring, designing & fabricating a dozen guards before OSHA came in. They did get written up by the insurance company for the guardrails for the 20' square mezzanine. The rails China sent were just over 20" tall. Job security indeed
I reckon you could get it going again by turning the pinion around,and reversing the big gear to run on the less worn face...............and possibly suggest they budget for a few drops of oil ,or (gasp) a can of grease.
If you look carefully at the photo in the original post it appears that the second gear also has some damage. The teeth appear to be bent, which would be reasonable considering how much damage was done to the top gear.

I would suggest getting both gears made as a matched set. That way you can be sure that the pressure angle will match.
The term is 'knackered'......the gears are knackered ............run beyond any concept of wear by incompetent morons with a standard of maintenance that would not be seen in any third world country.........Id imagine shafts and bearings would be in a similar condition.
I've bought gears from the same seller. They have held up so far in the front wheel drive transmission of a tractor. I modified the shifter so i could get 18 mm of engagement instead of 11mm on the original gears.

3d printed Pla gears have very low fatigue limits, but because the plastic is flexible you can count on 2 teeth taking the load at any time, so they can hold up surprisingly well.
There are better plastics to cut or form teeth from.
Those parts are unfinished. I would need to increase the bore on both gears.
The price is attractive though. The stress on the gears is minimal, probably 5 psi or so.