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Need help identifying vintage collet draw-bar


Mar 13, 2023
I recently purchased a Seneca Falls Star lathe (ca. 1895 - 1900) that came with a box of extra tooling. Most of the tooling goes with the lathe but some pieces do NOT. Three such pieces are a draw-bar, spindle adapter, and 5 collects (See pictures).

The small-diameter section of the draw-bar (portion that would fit into the lathe spindle) has a 0.765" diameter at the end but steps up to a 0.790" diameter about 2 inches from the brass shoulder that would rest on the tail end of the spindle. The small-diameter section measures about 11.5 inches long, but it is adjustable. There are five 3C collets, all of them Porst Bros, Co., except the 3/8", which is Hardinge. My best guess is that the spindle adapter has a Morse #3 taper, but it is difficult to measure.

These wont fit in the lathe I purchased, because the spindle bore is only 0.5" and has a non-standard taper (I believe the original Seneca Falls "1/2 inch-per-foot"). I am not sure if the draw-bar is homemade or if it originally went to another, larger lathe. I would like to sell the set as I have no use for it, but I don't even know how to label it or where to market it.

Any help or information would be appreciated.


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Mar 13, 2023
Thank you both for the replies. Sounds like the set most likely came with an older South Bend lathe (or other brand that used 3C collets). Any idea what a fair asking price would be and where to post them? I have seen similar items on Ebay but not sure if there are other forums or platforms that would be better.

Jim Christie

Mar 14, 2007
L'Orignal, Ontario Canada
I can't guess at the value or a better place to sell them but Royal Products used to make draw tubes and collet adapters like that at one time .
I don't see anything on their current website but I scanned a few pages from an old 1994 catalogue of theirs that I have .
The bore size on many spindles with the same taper can vary and so the adapter can stick out farther or a flanged adapter can hit the shoulder before the taper is tight if the bore is too large .
They indicate that at that time they had data on various spindles so perhaps if you can measure yours they could tell you what it would fit even if they didn't make your parts.
I have attached some pictures of collets and adapters that I have .
for 5 C collets to a 5 Morse taper and also for a Logan and other collets similar to but not an exact match for a 3C you can see the Logan adapter goes in farther to one sleeve than the other even though both are 5 MT
I ended up getting a 5Mt to 5C adapter from Royal (not shown) since the one in the picture was a cheap import and didn't run true.
I had to measure the diameter in the mouth of my grinder spindle before ordering since it had been reworked and not a standard size so I didn't want the new flanged adapter to hit the flange before it was tight in the taper.


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