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Need help installing reverse-stop-forward switch on Hitachi WJ200-015SF on BP2J


Sep 25, 2014
I've recently retired to an area where 3 phase power was not available, so I've powered my Bridgeport 2J with a Hitachi WJ200-015SF VFD. I've been operating the start / stop with one of Hitachi's remote panels mounted at the mill. I would like to add a simple reverse / stop / forward switch to the VFD, to allow for proper use of the low / high gears when switching between the two. I'm not interested in speed controls - I do that with the pulley adjustments - I just want to be able to remotely switch rotation on the motor. I am not even remotely close to being an electronics whiz, and need help with selecting a specific R/S/F switch that would allow me to do this. The Hitachi manual is like Greek to someone like myself. Having said that, I have found the page (31 in my manual) that describes "Forward Run / Stop and Reverse Run / Stop Commands". If and when I get the physical switch connected, I'll try to decipher the programming part. If anyone can help with specific switch recommendations and connecting wire recommendations, I would greatly appreciate it. I've tried to attach a photo of the current setup with the remote panel. Thanks!
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Jan 15, 2005
The Netherlands
If I have the right manual you connect P24 to 1 for forward and P24 to 2 for reverse
Both open is stop
Almost any 1-0-2 switch can do that
Its all in the manual
Do not put a 3phase switch between PLC and motor Your PLC does not like that


Cast Iron
Nov 19, 2017
On my Fuji VFD for BP I used the switch in this link.
On the VFD control wiring terminal block you will probably find "FWD", "Neutral", "REV" terminals.
Wire this switch to those terminals.
So you are telling the VFD to start going forward, or reverse, depending which way you through the switch.
As you get more familiar with the VFD you can program "ramps" to control how fast motor spins up, or stops. Absolutely Amazing for rigid tapping with a tap in a collet or chuck !

Learning is great fun !
Good luck,
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