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NEED HELP maho mh 600e


Aug 11, 2016
I'm missing parameters for a maho mh 600e with Philips 432 controller. The software nr. is 6702.703/01
Can anyone help me?


Dec 19, 2011
For what it's worth------
MAHO parameters are directly related to each machine's serial number. This is due to various options added at or during machines construction. Not sure how close a similar year and size 432 machine parameters would work.
Do you have the manuals? If you load the parameters manually then you have to do it in a progressive sequence. ie. load the first part then restart before loading more and restarting and finally checking that all have been entered and they are correct .If you don't find any from here you might try the .de web site.
Wish I had more to offer.
Might be worthwhile to keep us advised of how you are doing
Post some machine photos if you can---


Mar 13, 2014
Here are mine from a 6701.700/1
No tool changer, 3 axis, hand control

Constants 770-796 are used to set the serial peripheral. You need to set that up before uploading the file. (const mem->oper MC and scroll down)

Remember to be cautious and I take no responsibility whatsoever in case of problems.

N0 C0
N1 C3
N2 C512
N4 C2
N5 C1
N9 C1
N10 C3
N11 C0
N14 C71
N27 C255
N28 C0
N29 C1
N30 C1
N31 C0
N32 C0
N35 C0
N37 C0
N42 C0
N43 C0
N44 C0
N51 C1
N78 C1
N79 C40
N80 C0
N81 C0
N82 C99
N83 C99
N84 C0
N85 C200
N86 C1
N87 C0
N88 C0
N91 C0
N93 C128
N100 C1
N103 C88
N105 C1
N108 C89
N110 C1
N113 C90
N200 C1
N202 C-1
N203 C2
N204 C-1
N205 C60000
N206 C30000
N208 C20000
N209 C10000
N210 C1667
N211 C50
N212 C50
N213 C4
N215 C1666
N216 C1666
N217 C1666
N218 C4
N219 C65
N220 C0
N221 C5
N222 C10
N223 C200
N224 C0
N225 C0
N230 C-1
N231 C6000
N232 C200
N233 C-500
N234 C0
N235 C601100
N236 C100
N237 C590000
N238 C0
N239 C0
N240 C0
N242 C0
N245 C0
N246 C0
N250 C3
N252 C1
N253 C2
N254 C-1
N255 C60000
N256 C30000
N258 C20000
N259 C10000
N260 C1666
N261 C45
N262 C45
N263 C4
N265 C1666
N266 C1666
N267 C1666
N268 C4
N269 C65
N270 C0
N271 C5
N272 C10
N273 C200
N274 C0
N275 C0
N280 C1
N281 C6000
N282 C200
N283 C450600
N284 C0
N285 C-100
N286 C-451100
N287 C-10000
N288 C0
N289 C0
N290 C0
N292 C0
N295 C0
N296 C0
N300 C2
N302 C-1
N303 C2
N304 C1
N305 C50000
N306 C30000
N308 C20000
N309 C10000
N310 C1389
N311 C55
N312 C45
N313 C4
N315 C1389
N316 C1389
N317 C1389
N318 C4
N319 C65
N320 C0
N321 C5
N322 C10
N323 C200
N324 C0
N325 C0
N330 C1
N331 C6000
N332 C200
N333 C400600
N334 C0
N335 C-100
N336 C-401100
N337 C-10000
N338 C0
N339 C0
N340 C0
N342 C0
N345 C0
N346 C0
N500 C4
N501 C1024
N502 C-1
N503 C2
N505 C10
N515 C3827
N516 C3827
N517 C3827
N518 C2
N519 C50
N520 C0
N521 C10
N522 C20
N523 C50
N525 C26000
N526 C26000
N527 C26000
N528 C2
N529 C50
N530 C0
N531 C10
N532 C20
N533 C50
N535 C128
N536 C128
N537 C128
N538 C0
N539 C15
N540 C0
N541 C0
N542 C0
N543 C0
N545 C128
N546 C128
N547 C128
N548 C0
N549 C15
N550 C0
N551 C0
N552 C0
N553 C20
N560 C2
N565 C50
N566 C65828
N568 C1
N570 C1
N571 C664
N572 C4000
N573 C4000
N574 C4000
N580 C9000
N581 C250
N582 C22
N583 C9000
N584 C0
N585 C0
N586 C0
N588 C19
N589 C50
N590 C8
N591 C5
N599 C5
N705 C3
N706 C3
N707 C71
N710 C10
N711 C44
N712 C10
N714 C2
N715 C6
N719 C1
N720 C83
N723 C5000
N724 C50
N725 C200
N726 C5000
N731 C0
N740 C40000
N741 C20000
N744 C2
N745 C150
N746 C0
N747 C125
N748 C75
N750 C0
N751 C0
N752 C0
N770 C0
N771 C1
N772 C1
N773 C3
N774 C0
N775 C1
N776 C19200
N785 C1
N786 C2400
N796 C1
N798 C0
N799 C0
N800 C1
N801 C790
N802 C150
N813 C100
N814 C10
N815 C20
N818 C0
N840 C0
N841 C0
N842 C0
N843 C0
N844 C0
N845 C0
N846 C0
N847 C0
N848 C0
N850 C0
N851 C0
N1000 C30
N1001 C480
N1002 C8
N1003 C30
N1004 C0
N1005 C60
N1006 C8
N1007 C500
N1008 C10
N1009 C100
N1010 C0
N1011 C4
N1012 C8
N1013 C0
N1014 C0
N1015 C1
N1016 C60
N1017 C23
N1018 C80
N1019 C0
N1020 C0
N1021 C5
N1022 C0
N1023 C0
N1024 C0
N1025 C0
N1026 C0
N1027 C0
N1028 C0
N1029 C0
N1030 C0
N1031 C0
N1032 C0
N1033 C1
N1034 C0
N1035 C0
N1036 C0
N1037 C0
N1038 C0
N1039 C0
N1040 C0
N1041 C1
N1042 C0
N1043 C0
N1044 C0
N1045 C0
N1046 C0
N1047 C0
N1048 C0
N1049 C0
N1053 C0
N1055 C0
N1056 C0
N1057 C0
N1060 C0
N1070 C0
N1071 C0
N1072 C0
N1073 C0
N1074 C0
N1075 C0
N1076 C0
N1077 C0
N1078 C0
N1079 C0
N1080 C0
N1081 C0
N1086 C0
N1087 C0
N1090 C1750
N1091 C280
N1092 C140
N1093 C50
N1094 C50
N1100 C0
N1101 C1
N1102 C0
N1103 C0
N1104 C0
N1105 C0
N1106 C0
N1107 C0
N1108 C0
N1109 C0
N1110 C0
N1111 C0
N1112 C0
N1113 C0
N1114 C0
N1115 C0
N1116 C0
N1117 C0
N1118 C0
N1119 C0
N1120 C0
N1121 C0
N1122 C0
N1123 C0
N1124 C0
N1125 C0
N1126 C0
N1127 C0
N1128 C0
N1129 C0
N1130 C0
N1131 C0
N1132 C0
N1133 C0
N1134 C0
N1135 C0
N1136 C0
N1137 C0
N1138 C0
N1139 C0
N1140 C0
N1141 C0
N1142 C0
N1143 C0
N1144 C0
N1145 C0
N1146 C0
N1147 C0
N1148 C0
N1149 C0
 replace this line with EOT character


Dec 19, 2011
A very BIG THANK You to Antonmies !

Wonder if any other's could post their constants. Might be interesting to see as a contrast / compare type of thing.