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Need help on how to remoove a key


Oct 25, 2011
St. Joe, Arkansas
Hi all: I've had some issues with the QCGB on my 9A South Bend 9A restoration #11 Thumping question answered - YouTube I have bought a new gear and have taken the gear box apart, but the key that the cone gears slide on is damaged at one end. Yes the end where the broken gear was. So I want to replace it or at least flip it 180 degrees. But I can't get it out or even get it to move in the least. Any tips on removing a stuck key?
Thanks in advance.
If its not pinned in, try a pair of diagonal cutters. Pinch the key at the damaged end and gently lever up on the handle. It should just pull the key right out.
Thanks Gadget, that is a good idea, but sadly it didn't work. I have the shaft soaking in some penetrating oil for now. The key is 2" long and 5/32 wide,it is not pinned in. There is a hole drilled into the shaft at the end of the keyway and slightly deeper than the keyway. I have not been able to get anything under the key at that hole.
Don't be so sure there isn't pins holding in there.

SB was pretty good at staking keys in place with pins and then finishing them so they are nearly invisible.

That shaft was only sold as assembly, which makes me think there may be more that meets the eye.

Suggest contacting Ted to ask. He is the man.

[email protected]
Thanks for all the ideas, I've already tried to drive a tool under the key didn't work. I've cut in small notches at the end of the key for the angle cutters to grip better and even lightly tapped a hammer on the cutters to help lift the key and that didn't work. I have been thinking of trying heat,but as of yet haven't. I well e-mail Ted, thanks for the address Iwannanew10k.
Ya'll have a great Christmas
I have removed more than one stubborn key by making an adapter for a slide hammer and welding it to the key. On larger keys you can get away with a fairly healthy chunk of material and mig--or even stick--welding it to the key. On something as small as a 5/32" key tig welding would be the preferred method. The intense high heat from the welding helps to break the key loose as well. After the adapter is attached a couple of sharp raps with the slide hammer is usually enough to pop the sucker out...
Again thanks for all of the good ideas guys. Ewlsey I would have to take it to a machine shop for that, but I had thought of doing that as a last resort. I do not have good enough machines to mill it out. Lee, that is a very good idea, honestly I did not think of that. LKeithR that sounds like it needs more skill than I have. On a positive note it is all back together and working correctly in all gear sittings. I just cleaned the key up with a jewelers file, there was no play on the last gear where the key was damaged, so hopefully it well last a while.
Again thank you to everyone who responded to my request. This site is truly a very good one.
Happy machining to all this coming year.