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Need Help to Replace Spindle Bearings on Grizzly G1004/G1008 & Similar Machines

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Utah Smitty

Aug 18, 2006
Northern Utah
Hello All

I've lurked a lot on the site, but haven't posted much since I got my SB Heavy 10 running, and I'm not experienced enough to give machining advice. However, I now need some help on a new problem.

I bought a Rutland KF-VO-AIS vertical mill a couple years ago. It's mainly been sitting until a month ago when I machined some key slots in an adapter to repower a snowblower.

The machine is probably 20 years old, and came from a high school shop, so I'm not sure how well it was maintained. However, the table and spindle are tight, and everything seems to work fine.

The machines were built by Kao Fong in Taiwan. A lot of these machines, or variations thereof, were sold under private labels, such as Grizzly, Husky, Sharp, (and Warco in the UK).

The closest Grizzly model I've found is the G1004/1008. The Sharp is a VO-AIS, and the Husky is an AM-VO-AIS. Slight variations of it were also sold by Grizzly as Model G0730 and G0731, and Harbor Freight.


When I machined the slot, I noticed a rumble in the spindle. I had been planning to service the spindle, so I decided to start tearing it down.

When I got the pulley off, I found that the top bearing was an open type bearing and completely dry--grease or lube.

I got the lock nuts and other items off the spindle head, and the collet end of the spindle, but I can't seem to get the spindle to drop out... It still has the downfeed mechanism attached, and therein is the problem--I can't get the shaft out so the pinion disengages from the rack on the spindle.

I have a parts manual, but the drawings are in cross-section, not exploded view, so it's hard to tell what components are there. The parts manual for the Grizzly G730 has an exploded view, but the parts aren't quite the same.

I'll attach some pictures and the area I'm working on, as soon as I can get my phone to download them.

Does anyone have any experience with replacing the spindle bearings on this machine?? Any help--a repair manual, or personal knowledge, would be greatly appreciated.


Utah Smitty
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Jul 3, 2013

Thanks for the information--I need to post this elsewhere.


Hi Smitty,

Here? Not sure there is?

You could ask about reconditioning, scraping techniques and procedures without mentioning the brand or posting pictures.

Mostly this site is for professional grade machinery, "Grizzly" not so much. It may serve your purpose well and that is fine. Its just typically not industrial grade stuff witch is what this site is all about.

There is another site the has a specific board for you type of machine. Simple search will turn it up.

Sorry! I hate telling guys this but its the truth...

Good luck with your machine!!

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