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Need help with a DSG 4AV Power Feed Issue


Apr 14, 2019
Hey everyone. I need a bit of help getting the power feed to work on my DSG 4AV lathe. I got everything hooked up to three phase and everything operates as it should, but as the guy I bought it from said, the power feed doesn't work. This makes turning really terrible.

In the pictures, when you move the lever on the right up or down, it moves the worm gear/cam left or right (I assume it's forward and reverse). It makes a knocking sound when it's going in gear and seems to knock even in gear. In neutral the three red arrowed gears do not turn, but when I get it into power feed gear, those three arrowed gears turn, but the power feed screw doesn't turn. Someone mentioned it could be a shear pin that sheared during a crash or something but I can't find it. Under the cover (the one beneath the cam and worm gear) is where I assume it is, but I can't figure out how to get that cover off to see inside the gearbox.

I guess my questions are:
1. Who here has any experience with these lathes
2. How do I get the cover off of that gearbox to see inside and hopefully fix the power feed
3. Am I even looking in the correct spot, or does anyone see something else I can do to try to get the power feed working.

I am more than willing to call/video chat with anyone that might be able to help, or if it can be described on here, that's awesome too. This is my first "real" lathe, and it's supposed to be a top-of-the-line lathe from it's era, so I would be ecstatic to get it working properly. Any help any of you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


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Apr 14, 2019
So looking at this further, I think I might be missing a gear. Is there any way to configure this with the gears I have to get the power feed working for surfacing/turning (not threading)? I attached pictures of the gears and the tables. Can someone confirm or correct me?



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Cast Iron
Aug 24, 2007
Rhode Island
The external change gears are selected by one of the lever positions, your lathe looks like a predecessor to the type 13 lathes which has a more refined controls.
I uploaded a manual for it to Keith Ruckers Vintagemachinery.org site, you should be able to match up the controls to figure out the procedure.
The change gear box has a "lid" which you will be able to take off, I think I can see the cap screw holes in the top.
As you say it is most likely that the shear pin has failed.
Don't be afraid to start exploring they are very simple to work out but if something is not coming apart easily you are doing something wrong!
The gears on mine are 14.5 PA 12 DP, 1 1/8" bore and 11/16 thick.