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Need help with DMU 60 Millplus IT

Mar 6, 2023
We have recently bought DMG 60 Millplus IT, it worked fine at first and than all of the sudden it started shutting the hydraulic down.
It just shuts down in the middle of program, also it's shutting down when is just standing still.
And than it's works normal for a day or two and the same thing starts to happen all over again.
It is displaying the message "Speed monitoring active", here is an image of the error.
If anyone knows what's is causing the problem, please help?


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On that machine you have an external E-Stop circuit that is being interrupted causing your hydraulics to shut down. The E-stop circuit is not all that extensive and is outside of the control so the control itself will not be able to specify what is causing the problem other than "External Emergency Stop" as you are seeing. You will need to review your wiring diagram and trace where the disconnection is occurring. This can be time consuming but there are a few areas that are known to act up when the machine is a little older. If you can send me some images from inside the magnetics cabinet I may be able to suggest where to start looking.

I hope this helps.

Dave @ Nerv