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Need help with Hardinge TM/UM vertical head belt


Sep 19, 2016
I recently acquired the original vertical head for my TM/UM mill. It was missing the "driving sheave" and the draw bar. I was finally able to find those 2 pieces and mounted the head to my mill. The belt doesn't seem to track right - it always turns "sideways" on one (or more) pulleys inside the head. I tried to play around with different belt tensions to no avail. So here are the 2 questions that i have
1) Does anyone know what the correct belt type/length/width is? Perhaps i have the wrong belt in mine. Looking at the design of the head, it kinda looks like it would work better with a round belt instead of the V-belt that's in it now.
2) If the belt that i have is correct, could someone pop the side cover on their head and see if the belt is tracking properly? (narrow part/bottom of the v-belt pointing towards the center of all the pulleys).
I never used the VH I had, but I do recall it had a round belt p/n VH-1352, maybe rubber with a cloth wrap. On my small machines (photo below is a Derbyshire Micromill), I use round urethane belting bought in bulk from China on eBay. I have welders made for joining this material by heating and pressing together the ends. It can be done with a hot knife and a vise, maybe shown on Youtube. I think the 12 or 15 mm diameter belting would work on the VH. Measure your pulley groove width to see what fits. Get 3 meters of belting and practice welding it before cutting to the actual length of belt you want.


Micromill vert 5.JPG
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I reached inside my vertical head casting and it does feel like a round belt. Glad there were no black widows or scorpions in there.