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Need Ideas for Haas ST-20 Part Catcher/Door Pocket


Nov 1, 2021
I have a 2021 Haas ST-20 with part catcher and door pocket.
(I have an older lathe that I cut a hole in the door pocket to allow parts to roll out into a bucket of water to accumulate. Works beautifully)
The new lathe door pocket floor is not angled toward the machine so I need to leave a ledge to hold coolant that also comes through the part catcher trap door. This ledge trips up the roll of parts so I made an elevated ramp. My arrangement is not amazing. Also, I can only get parts about 1.375" diameter to fit consistently through the part catcher trap door.
(this machine also has a tailstock and is practically impossible to thoroughly clean)
Does anyone have any slick work arounds?


Hot Rolled
Jul 9, 2015
I haven’t seen the 2021s in person the 20s were more boxy shaped and the x axis was quite a bit more vertical that my 2015. Thought this might make the y axis a little less accurate. We haven’t cut a hole in our parts catcher. Just lined the pocket in rubber to prevent some dings that may be caused. I wonder if you could machine a delrin wedge to get over that lip and create some slope towards the machine. Or bend up some sheet metal and rivet it to the existing door.