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Need some guidance on repainting old machinery


Jan 12, 2021
Hi All,

I have an atlas 6" jointer that I am restoring. The paint was redone by someone prior to me (poorly by the way). Im going to repaint.

Question what is the best paint to use? Im not looking for true to history color or style, as a matter of fact Im thinking of doing most of my restored machinery (WT 944 drill press and WT grayline 12" bandsaw) all the same color for consistency. Im not into the weird blue and green stuff, but I really don't like the old grey color of most machines either.

The WT press has a chance at cleaning the original paint but the gray line is shot and needs new paint.

Here are some suggestions I've seen on youtube (don't take that as credible :-) but the results did look nice

1. Hammerite

2. Using an empty spray can setup that you can load with a 2 part pre or post-cat of your own choice (i confuse the two). I do not have a true spray setup on compressor. And at least at the moment I need the jointer for use in a week so im not holding out for a spray booth (which i will get in the future.

3. epoxy paint (what is it and where can you get it in small quantities)?

4. Same question for car paint

5. Any comments on sherwin williams? What kind of paint to they make for metal? Is it an alkyd acrylic or something?

Thank you all for the wonderful posts and looking forward to some suggestions.



Jan 25, 2005
Victoria, Texas, USA
I use Rustroulium (sp) brand paint on all of my machines I've repainted. I don't care about how perfect it is or how good it turns out. Well maybe a little bit. It's held up very good over the years since the first I've used. My color is "Smoke gray". Ken


Nov 4, 2005
Upstate NY
Jeremy -
I've had real good luck with Benjamin Moore on anything I wanted to paint - alkyd. I like a lighter gray and have used that over the years, held up well.

But then if you use them like they should don't expect a pristine finish forever. Like trucks, machines are meant to be used.



Jan 31, 2011
BFE Nevada/San Marcos Tx
That is a fairly small machine, to be quick and done I would use either rattlecan appliance epoxy black, or silver hammertone, both available at most any hardware store in the spray can section, the silver actually comes in light or dark so you have 2 choices. The black epoxy does need to be sprayed carefully so as not to have runs, the hammertone paints you put on heavy, any runs just add to the effect, if you put it on too light you won't get the hammered look. Both will be dry to the touch in 24 hours, but still soft, air dry will take a week minimum with good sunshine, baking works well and will set paint in a few hours, heat lamps 2-3 days.


Mar 5, 2009
California, USA
I use Industrial Coatings from DuPont. Two part paint that is for metal but less expensive than car paint. Still can take a week to fully cure if not
using a heat source. Hot weather changes the times. If spraying then you need to hold your breath or get a fresh air mask. If using a brush or roller
then supposedly you are safe. For touch-ups use an air brush.

Napa Auto Supply is the source. Now the hours are 12-4pm Tue,Wed,Thur only. Because of a bug going around ...

Have used rattle cans, Hammerite, etc. Those rattle cans that I still have are in a box.