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Need Someone to Help Create Beginner G Code Training


Apr 25, 2022
Hi everyone,
I'm looking for someone to help put together some beginner CNC G code information for my website.

I would send templates that include what needs to be covered.
Most will cover what the code is, when you use it, what you need to think about when using the code, an explanation of similar codes and some code examples with descriptions of what they mean/do.

This is all aimed at someone new to G code. I want to put together a resource for someone new to CNC.

Some example codes that still need to be covered are cutter comp codes, absolute/incremental mode, and many others.

Some examples of what I am looking for:
G01 Code
G20 Code

This is a short term project but it has the potential to become long term for the right person.
Pay will be $50 per post.

If you have any questions or are interested please private message me.