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Need THREE Rockstar Machinists for Rocket Engine Components

OT (other topic) : not about a budding company offering a decent-paying job.

I think nobody should pick up the garbage because that just contributes to people using more stuff...and making stuff can lead to global warming..mandate by 2026 no more stuff...get rid of fossil fuel, cows, and stuff so the world would be a better place.

and while we are on the subject, what about bananas?
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Mennonite I could see, but I’m not sure how many internet forum frequenting Amish machinists are out there.

It all depends on what silly rules the bishop of their community decides to enforce.

Old order Amish communities are often super strict while some others are allowed to drive cars so long as the bumpers are painted black. Their women and children are often not allowed to be "friendly" with "Yanks" or "English" (what they call non-amish). Most are not allowed to drink alcohol yet every community has a few whiskey drink'n, wife beat'n, good ol' boys.

Some communities have gas but no electricity, others have electricity but no grid power. Some are allowed to have cell phones, others can only have a phone outside on a pole. I've never seen an Amish person use a computer although I've heard some do.

I used to bail hay with some Amish friends. They'd call me a dumb worldly yank, I'd call them a bunch of pagan cult sister fu¢kers... It was a good time.

There are really only two types of Amish and Mennonites though; Those who believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ and those who do not. Even if you're not a Christian; spend a little time around them and you'll be able to tell which is which.
A close friend of mine is Mennonite. I had no idea for 20+ years. Hell of a good friend, great mechanic, takes a few cocaine and whiskey benders every year to clear his mind. If I ever got stuck in a Mexican jail and had one phone call I'd call him and he'd find some way to get me out.

It wasn't until I had a wife and kids and was a respectable member of society that I was "allowed" to meet the rest of his family. I think he finally trusted me enough after 25+ years of friendship to not say a thing about some parts of his life that might not be Mennonite approved lol.

I say be yourself. It fucks people up having to hide the person they are.