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Need to model ar15 handguard


Cast Iron
Nov 22, 2005
Santa Barbara
Do you just need a model? Or are you trying to learn how to make one?

If all you need is a model, this isn't that type of site. I'd recommend you try GrabCad.

If you genuinely want to learn how to make a model, you'll probably find more help on here. But you'll have to ask specific questions, and show us that you've already put in some effort. If you don't give us the impression that you care enough to try to figure it out yourself, why should we care enough to help you? At minimum, you'll need to tell us which software you're using, and where you're stuck. We'll be happy to guide you through the rough patches. But I doubt you'll find anyone on here willing to hold your hand through a basic tutorial. Again, this isn't that type of site.


Hot Rolled
Jul 9, 2015
A guy I know asked me to machine an engine block for him and expected it all for free because "I know how to do it"