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Need wiring diagram for harrison 190 lathe


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I have acquired a 1973 Harrison 190 lathe ( serial # 141617 )

I am having trouble with the electrical system.

The lathe will start using the clutch handle on the carriage in high speed only.
When low speed is selected the spindle shakes back and forth voilently and once tripped the
circuit breakers on the switchboard in the house. I have 3 phase in the garage.

Removed the electrical motor and had it tested - it was okay.

Got an electrician in he said it was high low switch . I took it out and tested it - there
is continuity across all contacts in both positions- high and low speed.

So I am at loss at what the problem is .

The lathe will not start using the start button on the front .

I tried getting a wiring diagram from machinery 600 in Uk without success. Also tried from harrison in the usa but got no reply .

As I understand it if the motor runs at high speed means that that all windings are intact.

Slow speed requires less windings and runs in star configuration .

The circuit has two contactors , one thermal overload and a relay.

swapped out the relay - the original had 2k resistance and do not know whether this bad ?

I can see the contactors working on high speed in forward and reverse .
My lathe has a coolant switch , a forward switch , a reverse switch , a start button , and an Estop. See pic.

It does no have a 4 position rotary switch.


karlis in Melbourne Australia