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Nesting (Italian Translation Problem)


Feb 11, 2024
Denver, CO.
ok I will try to make this very simple our CAM software is by an Italian company DDX. I was asking them for help with a nesting script that would allow us to properly nest panels with a grove or ribbed pattern to them so they look right when put on the building.
they have a nesting program for their stone software that will match up veins (like for marble).
they responded by saying that would not work and that i was looking for something

"similar to the concept of sectioning machine of the wood"

I cant find anyone who knows what that is or what that means.

Ill do a separate post explaining the nest problem I am having in case some has a solution for it but the picture below illustrates what it looks like when nesting without account for the pattern

thanks for any feedback

What’s the question? Auto nesting parts with pattern defined is not a standard feature. Most times add a nub on a measurable part of the pattern, nest part onto plate with zero rotation. At the machine trial run to apex of nub and jog machine into position to match pattern off that. Go back to (new) start point, hit play.