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new forum rules for acceptable content

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Sep 23, 2002
Lawrenceville GA USA
Content of this subforum is restricted to the discussion of inspection and reconditioning of the moving parts of machine tools that control motion and machine geometry. Also accepted are posts covering the preparation and painting of machine tools.

No posts on cnc retrofits, electrical upgrades or posts about the replacement of parts such as bearings, bushings or OEM parts or accessories. No posts about general maintenance issues. These all have existing subforums where they should be discussed and any such posts will be relocated.

All posts should contain some educational content, no posts just containing a before and after photo showing off your new paint job. Remember we are here to learn and share.

All existing forum rules for posting will apply including but not limited to the rules against discussion of home grade or "mini" sized machines.

As this is a new subforum these rules may change some with time and if there are any questions please contact the forum moderator.

Some members have mentioned they did not know where to find the forum rules about not posting on hobby grade or some import machines. I have included a link below.

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