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New Programmer, Need Recommendations

Covenant MFG

May 26, 2021
Greater Sacramento
Even if they don't compensate extra the resume padding will be nice to jump to the next spot.

I started off with just a bit of operator/setup experience. I'm a little over a year in at a low volume job shop and I'm able to program almost anything the 5+ yr journeymen can, it just takes me a bit longer and a bumpier road. For how straightforward and efficient it is, Gibbscam sucks with teaching resources. They gave me a bunch of hour long webinars I could barely make out the words from.

I found an actual course thing and hot dang is it nice. The free modules will cover everything you'll need for 90% of parts, assuming you're not doing a lot of multiaxis or 3d smoothing etc. Also, if you need to cover a specific process you can pick out an individual video on it:

Cognus Online Training