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New to CMM programing

Get this book to reference for GD&T stuff:

Here is some more general advice for using a CMM:
-CMM's operate on black magic. Always remember this.
-Always have a way to "sanity check" that your probe stylus calibration is good and that your results are actually real.
-Always be thinking about how your current alignment can influence your results.
-Always have a few features that you can correlate with another good measuring device. I will try to hit some features with a digital height gage to check that the CMM report is goodish.
-Don't crash it.
-Double/Triple check that things are good to go before walking away from a measurement cycle.
-Don't crash it.
-Keep the Granite Clean. Keep the CMM area Spotless.

What kind of CMM? Msurf so I assume its a Mitutoyo? What kind of head does it have on it?

Hope this helps!
One big thing with CMM is don't take wishy washy claims for granted. Nowadays it seems everybody thinks as long as you have CAD & probe path optimization the machine will program everything for you.
AS9100DBag said:
Translation: "I think the CMM generates data by osmosis when in proximity to parts."

The marketing for CMMs often reflects that mindset.

High-end OGP/Hexagon/Zeiss/Mitutoyo bridge CMMs often show pictures of just a standing desk with a PC screen and small tray for the keyboard/mouse.

There is no working desk with prints, notes, or setup fixturing. Often the screen is idiotically small.

These pics are a joke if you've ever done a deep dive into CMM programming & measurement. Or if you have to think about fixturing parts to measure complex geometries. And for crying out loud, if you're spending $100K + on a CMM, get two (or THREE) PC monitors. The CMM's software program and CAD model should each have a screen.

Think engineer-tech desk for the workspace around a CMM. Programming modern CMM software (Zone3, PCDMIS, Calypso, MCosmos) is NOT g-code.

And it pains me to say this, but you should pay the annual $3-5K for software updates. Unfortunately, that's the cost of getting timely support these daze...